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If you're interested in using any of OSC's back catalogue or having some bespoke music tailor made for your own creative project, get in touch.


  • Video game soundtracks & sound design

  • YouTube/film/television soundtracks & sound design

  • Art & multimedia projects

  • Simply anything you may need music for...

Other services include:

Regards pricing, every project is unique in both requirements and budget, so the best thing to do is to contact OSC and we can find a way to make your audio needs a reality.

Examples of some previous OSC commissions:

Details: A body of commissioned pieces for YouTuber Temprist.

He requested a range of pieces to utilise as background music in his videos and Roblox games. Stylistically, he wanted something akin to the Animal Crossing: New Horizons soundtrack, crossed with the Super Mario World soundtrack.

Full soundtrack album is available here.

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