OSC Girls On Bikes - Drums & Bass Sample

Girls On Bikes - Drums & Bass Sample Pack


Get some OSC styled Funk and Strut in your music with the Girls On Bikes: Drums & Bass Sample Pack.

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Drums: The complete drum sample set from the Girls On Bikes EP, personally curated from a mixture of old-school drum machines and other acoustic and electronic percussion sounds. The exact sounds used on the Girls On Bikes EP; tuned, edited and processed the way they were on the BandCamp chart-topping EP of 2017.

Bass: Four custom bass patches designed during the production process of Girls On Bikes. Two octaves of samples per sound, each sound recorded from a Yamaha DX21 (from 1985), the exact same synth used for all the bass on every track of the Girls On Bikes EP. All samples are processed the way they were on the EP.

Valhalla Vintage Verb Presets: The two custom Valahalla Vintage Verb presets that were used on all of the Girls On Bikes EP. A tight, roomy ambient reverb designed specifically for drums and a large, spacious, glossy reverb for other instruments in the mix.

7 x 16-Bar MIDI Loops: Taken directly from the title track of Girls On Bikes, these can be used in your own productions, and/or edited and altered to suit your own productions.

4 Page User Guide: A four page PDF that has details of how the samples were processed, suggestions on how to best implement the samples & reverb, how to install your Valhalla Vintage Verb presets and a little history of the DX21 synth.