Sometimes, MP3s just aren't enough!

If downloading and/or streaming isn't quite doing it for you, you can usually find cassettes, CDs and/or vinyl releases of original OSC output.


Please Note: Availability is limited. To stay fully informed on all merchandise updates, subscribe to my mailing list.

My Pet Flamingo

Ideality is currently available at My Pet Flamingo, on Cassette, CD and Minidisc. 12" Vinyls will be arriving in a few weeks. To stay fully informed on merchandise updates, subscribe to my mailing list.

Sofa King Vinyl

I partnered with Sofa King Vinyl for the vinyl release of Girls On Bikes and Boys On Boards. They currently have some stock remaining of Boys On Boards on 12" translucent, sky-blue vinyl.

OSC BandCamp

Limited edition cassettes & vinyl are available on the OSC BandCamp page (subject to stock levels).

Physical format releases have included cassettes for the EPs I Wish My Car Was A Transformer, Girls On Bikes and The Real OSC Volumes I & II (both a Pink Slime and Green Slime edition.


12" vinyl releases of Boys On Boards (translucent sky-blue) and Girls On Bikes 12" vinyl (both black and translucent purple); 


It's best to follow OSC on BandCamp and subscribe to the OSC mailing list stay informed of new releases.

Lazerdiscs Records

Him & Her EPs are currently available on CD at Lazerdiscs Records, along with OSC t-shirts.

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