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Cassettes, CDs & Vinyl

If downloading and/or streaming isn't quite doing it for you, you can periodically find vinyl, cassettes, CDs and even MiniDisc releases of original OSC output.

Sometimes physical releases of vinyl, cassettes and more are available directly from the OSC BandCamp page. At other times, to ensure you can listen to OSC on your preferred format, OSC partners with independent record labels who specialise in physical-format releases.

Gob Vinyl Black.jpg

Please Note: Availability of physical music releases is usually limited and sold on a first-come, first-served basis. To stay fully informed on all merchandise updates, it is highly recommended that you subscribe to the OSC mailing list.

Previous Partnerships

It's common nowadays for independent musicians, such as OSC, to enter into short-term, low-volume distribution agreements with niche, independent record labels. OSC doesn't stick strictly to one style/genre and has therefore partnered with several different labels at different times; to ensure the right music reaches the right fans.


Each label that OSC has worked with is staffed by wonderful and positive people. Furthermore, they release all kinds of interesting and enjoyable music. It is highly recommended that you check them out, and if you like what you hear, give their socials a follow. Previous partners include:

Ship to Shore PhonoCo

My Pet Flamingo

Sofa King Vinyl

Lazerdiscs Records

Business Casual

Sleepless Tapes

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