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Columnist writing such as tutorials, reviews, and product commentaries. Below are some examples of published articles for music-related websites. If you're interested in having OSC write content for your publication and/or website, simply get in touch.


Hold on to your oscillators as we journey into the realms of stochastic synthesis, randomized tuning and Iannis Xenakis


Here are our 5 favourite effects in Kilohearts Essentials, the biggest free plugin bundle on the internet

Fig 01 - Dexed.png

Fantastic (free) synths & how to use them: Dexed

Fig 01 - Whole Synth.png

Fantastic (free) synths & how to use them: TAL NoiseMaker

Music Radar Decent.png

Our guide to one of the web's biggest free high quality sample libraries and the free sampler plugin you can use to play them


5 of the best free lo-fi tape and vinyl emulation plugins (and one worth paying for)

Magical 8bit.png

Fantastic (free) synths & how to use them: Magical 8Bit

Music Radar Labs.png

Our guide to two of the most powerful free sampler instruments available to the budget-conscious producer

Fig 01 - Surge XT.png

Fantastic (free) synths & how to use them: Surge XT

Figure 01 - OX-Xd.png

Fantastic (free) synths & how to use them: OB-Xd

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