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Columnist writing such as tutorials, reviews, and product commentaries. Below are some examples of published articles for music-related websites. If you're interested in having OSC write content for your publication and/or website, simply get in touch.


Our guide to the internet's biggest plugin bundle of free effects plugins, the MFreeFXBundle

Music Radar Decent.png

Our guide to one of the web's biggest free high quality sample libraries and the free sampler plugin you can use to play them


5 of the best free lo-fi tape and vinyl emulation plugins (and one worth paying for)

Magical 8bit.png

Fantastic (free) synths & how to use them: Magical 8Bit

Tal Vocoder.webp

Next up in our guide to making music with the internet's most capable freeware, we decode the mysteries of the vocoder

Music Radar Labs.png

Our guide to two of the most powerful free sampler instruments available to the budget-conscious producer

Fig 01 - Surge XT.png

Fantastic (free) synths & how to use them: Surge XT

Figure 01 - OX-Xd.png

Fantastic (free) synths & how to use them: OB-Xd


Hold on to your oscillators as we journey into the realms of stochastic synthesis, randomized tuning and Iannis Xenakis


Here are our 5 favourite effects in huge free plugin bundle, Kilohearts Essentials

Fig 01 - Dexed.png

Fantastic (free) synths & how to use them: Dexed

Fig 01 - Whole Synth.png

Fantastic (free) synths & how to use them: TAL NoiseMaker

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